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Places to go wheeling in the North East – The Pine Barrens

Places to go wheeling in the North East – The Pine Barrens

Living in New England, we don’t have a lot of offroad parks. People here it seems just hate fun. I have been trying to find places to wheel for quite some time. This one is a gem.

The Pine Barrens in New Jersey is amazing! If you live in the North East, it is definitely worth the drive, and even and overnight stay if you must.

It is not a hardcore off-road park. Its mainly woods trails. There may be an occasional sand trap, and you can try fording some shallow ponds if you are daring, but those are the only obstacles you are gonna face.


Blasting through those paths at a quick pace is a blast though. Its a huge and picturesque area and there is a lot to explore.


The Pine Barrens is a huge area. The place to go wheeling is actually in a state park called Wharton State Forest in central New Jersey. Wheeling there is completely legal and there are many who do it.


Not all of the trails are on the maps. Many of them aren’t


It is a beautiful place with forests opening up to picturesque plains. But you never know whether you might be trespassing on someone else’s farmland


There is some interesting history here, including some abandoned settlements


From open fields and into the woods we go. Some of the woods paths are very narrow, with branches enveloping and brushing by your rig.


The terrain often changes from packed earth to loose sand. It is fun to put the truck in RWD and slide around. Just be careful of the trees. Sometimes its tight. You can go pretty fast down these paths and get away with it, but you have to watch out for hidden surprises, like rocks tree trunks, and deceptively shallow mud pits.


Some narrow pine paths In the Pine Barrens.


There are endless criss-crossing paths leading deeper into the woods. You can never get bored here. But you might get lost. I would recommend filling up beforehand or bringing extra gas. The area is probably not large enough for you to run out of gas and ge stranded, but you wouldn’t want to cut your trip short because of a silly thing like that


The Pine Barrens is a very interesting place. There a re rumored to be abandoned settlements around this area which seem like they would be a blast to explore. I could not find any though. I think my intel about their locations might have been off. But even so, it was a great time.

Wheeling in the Pines was an absolute blast.